Nude Audio

Nude Audio - Move M Bluetooth - Pine


Nude Audio

Nude Audio - Move M Bluetooth - Pine



Petite enceinte portable Bluetooth 3.0 Nude Audio, couleur vert Pin. Sans fil, technologie Bluetooth.

- Bluetooth 3.0 (Jusqu'à 10 mètres de distance)

- Son haute-fidélité avec 2 hauts parleurs dans l'enceinte

- 8hrs d'autonomie grâce à sa batterie rechargeable.

- Un étuis en silicone doux au touché permet à l'enceinte de ne pas craindre les chocs et d'être transportée sans ménagement!

- La batterie se charge sur un port USB tout simplement.


Works with smartphones, tablets and other players with Bluetooth wireless technology
• Up to 8 hours long lasting rechargeable Lithium-ion battery
• Speakerphone for handsfree conference calls
• Connect any non-Bluetooth device via Aux-in socket
• Pocket friendly form
• Bluetooth connectivity
• Small size great sound
• Aux-in socket
• Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery
Brand Nude Audio
Material Body: Silicone
Carry cord: Fabric
Colour Pine
Dimensions L9.8 B3.9 H9.8 cm
Weight 191 g


Grab it by the cord and toss the Move M in your backpack to take it anywhere you like. The shock-proof silicon sleeve warrants worry-free travel and the rechargeable battery boasts at least 8 hours of play. Make hands-free calls between playlists with the speakerphone feature. We’ll hold off on the rest of the technical details but trust us—the bass-to-size ratio makes for impressive results.

A thick, protective silicon sleeve is smooth to the touch, making these Bluetooth speakers feel at home in your hand while also defending against knocks or bumps. A nylon carrying cord makes the Bluetooth speaker both portable and versatile — hang it, clip it, toss it, lean it or lay it flat.

A high-fidelity dual-microphone system also turns this Bluetooth speaker into a portable speaker- phone for hands-free calling and conference calls straight from your smartphone. And if you keep in touch via SkypeTM, FaceTimeTM and other video chat services, you can use these with the speakerphone too.

3.0 Bluetooth wireless streaming technology provides a range up to 30 feet or 10 meters. Good to go with most smartphones, tablets, laptops and other Bluetooth-enabled devices, including the iPhone and iPad.

The built-in, high-performance Lithium-ion battery provides 8 hours of continuous listening and can be charged from any USB source.